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An interactive tour of new AYGO

You’ve seen the pictures, now it’s time to get under the skin and create your own way to explore our playful new AYGO.

Get interactive with AYGO

With so much new to see it can be difficult to know where to start. Now we’ve made it easy for you to choose how you explore our brand new city car.

Through our interactive film you choose the features of new AYGO you want to see. From the x-touch multimedia system and x-design front grille to the latest alloy wheels, you can discover all the features of the car, without moving from your seat!

From its daring exterior styling to an interior packed with customisable features, all have to do now is decide which part you want to see first!

All-New Toyota AYGO 2014 - Interactive Tour

Mūsu e-privātuma politika

Šajā vietnē mēs izmantojam sīkdatnes, lai Tev nodrošinātu labākus pakalpojumus.  Ja Tu tam piekrīti, turpini izmantot vietni kā parasti, vai arī uzzini, kā pārvaldīt sīkdatnes.