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All-new AYGO

Launch from a different perspective

Each year the world’s car manufacturers show off their latest creations at the premier motor shows. Launched with great fanfare, a speech of introduction, music and even a troop of dancers, their star is revealed in a fog of dry ice. This time with new AYGO, you can see the action from the front row.

A car built with such passion in its form, born to be playful and stand out from the rest, demands that we give you an interesting new way to see it for the first.

Witness the launch of our fun-loving car at the Geneva Motor Show with an exclusive front row pass. See what new AYGO sees, as its world lights up in a streak of camera flashes and intrigued faces from the massed crowd.

Lights, camera, action!

All-New Toyota AYGO 2014 - Geneva Motor Show reveal

Mūsu e-privātuma politika

Šajā vietnē mēs izmantojam sīkdatnes, lai Tev nodrošinātu labākus pakalpojumus.  Ja Tu tam piekrīti, turpini izmantot vietni kā parasti, vai arī uzzini, kā pārvaldīt sīkdatnes.